Monday, August 12, 2013

Boxtops for McCall's Sewing Patterns c. 1970s

What kind of cereal would have a mail in form for a sewing pattern?  Would it be aimed at an adult, like Raisin Bran or maybe Alpha-Bits?

How many boxtops did you have to save to get these patterns?  Some are "Pounds Thinner Patterns" which are designed to make you look taller or thinner.

They also included standard dress and pants patterns.

If you didn't want to eat cereal to get free sewing patterns you could use Baggies plastic bags and Punch laundry detergent to get some different sewing patterns.

Did you order any of these patterns?  What cereal eat to get them?  Have you made these patterns? Are they groovy enough to wear today?  I think they are a better prize then what you get in the cereal now!


Paulette said...

Great article!

Kathleen said...

Love this post! (Is that a pun? Unintended. :)) I remember those days of saving box tops - although in that era, I was too young to be interested in saving box tops for patterns. Toys were more my interest. ;) I've seen many patterns that were "sponsored" by food manufacturers. So interesting! Thanks!