Saturday, February 07, 2009

Garrison House Days

Every year the 2nd grade classes from my town go to the local Garrison House. They dress up in "Colonial" style clothing. The girls wear mob caps and  dresses.  The boys wear loose shirts that are belted and tucked in their pants to pretend they are wearing knickers. The kids love this trip. It is amusing what the kids will wear to it.   This is one of the few field trips they remember.   It makes for amusing photos when you produce the 4th grade yearbook.  My daughter is on the far right in the picture below.  I love her toothless grin.

The parents volunteer to give  tours of the historical buildings and to work on colonial crafts with the classes. Many of the adults dress up with the kids.

I recently acquired this pattern and it reminded me of the time my kids went on this trip.  This pattern is from 1976.  The height of the bicentennial craze.  I remember being a kid in 1976.  There where a lot of people dressing up in colonial style clothing then.  "Little House on the Prairie" was  on TV.   As a historical costumer, I cringe at how they designed this dress.  It has a big zipper up the back.  This pattern isn't even marked as a costume.   Laura Ashley was in fashion.  Those where the days!

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