Thursday, October 04, 2007

Who was Butterwick?

Every once in a while I get an order for a Butterwick pattern. Who was Butterwick, and when did they produce patterns? The Butterick Pattern Company. Has been around since the 1860s. Are people not seeing the company name right, or are we hearing it wrong? I see listings on ebay for Butterwick patterns with the name of the company clearly spelled Butterick. Everyone can't be typing it incorrectly. Can someone show me a pattern with it spelled this way? Or is it we are just not used to that name and try to pronounce it another way?

Here are some images from the company over time. I don't see any W'd do you?

The Delinator November 1895
publication of the Butterick Publishing Co.

Butterick 1313

Turn of the century sewing pattern from the Butterick Publishing Co.

The New Dressmaker
Published 1921 by the Butterick Publishing Company

Butterick 9922 - 19teen's peplums

Butterick Pattern

The Condensed Butterick Sewing and Dressmaking Book

Published 1944 Th Butterick Company Inc.

Butterick 7053

Zipper Front Robe and Brunch coat -
1950s - Butterick Company, Inc.

May 1970 - Young American Creates

Butterick Fashion News

Butterick 6514

Sailor dress
Butterick the Fashion one

This blog was brought to you by a fan of the Butterick Pattern Company - not Butterwick - whoever he or she is.

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Anary said...

I really enjoyed seeing this little Butterick time line. Thanks for sharing this wonderful patterns. I got a dressmaker book from 1929 and it is my precious relic!