Friday, May 18, 2007

Any One for Tennis?

Have we come a long way in tennis fashion? The rules haven't changed since the 1890's but the outfits have.

Here is how to dress for the court in an 1890's design from Ageless Patterns.

Past Patterns has a men's tennis or yachting shirt from the 1900s. That will turn eyes on the court!

Here we are with a Norfolk Suit again - this time on a man - rather then a Girl Scout leader. The scene is Spring- Summer 1913. I think they are a cute set!

By the 1920s - you see a middy blouse and skirt.
Eva Dress can help you with the blouse.

Patterns from the Past has some sports outfits like this one from the 1940s on up.

Let's look at the sport in the 1957s. This dress by the Vogue pattern company comes with it's own panties. This dress can be sewn in 2 different lengths.

I think this 1960's design combines elements from the 1920s (the drop waist) and the 1950s bodice style. You wear a smart pair of shorts under this dress.

Can we forget the 1970s and Chrissie Evert? She had her own line of sewing patterns for Butterick - some included a pattern for a visor. At least the dress is shorter. This pattern also included a panties pattern.

Are you read for today's court of fashion?


Devorah said...

So, are you going to show us your tennis outfit?

How is the uniform coming?

Oldpatterns said...

Me? I don't play tennis! I letterbox!

Retro Attic said...

I like the 60's one! I'm a mod girl all the way!

Deb said...

I really like the Vogue dress!
Thanks for visiting.

saidee said...

I have to chime in for the Vogue dress, too, although it doesn't look like it would be too conducive for serving!