Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Can't refuse reuse!

In the past few years I have had discussions with Girl Scouts in my town about doing her Gold Award around having our town not use plastic bags. Another young Girl Scout asked me to sign a pledge to not use plastic shopping bags. Both girls got me thinking about all the bags I use for shopping. It took a few months, but I finally gave up my new bag addiction. I have a bunch of bags that fit nicely in my purse. I drive the store owners crazy by providing my own bags. The supermarkets are more used to the bags. I am happy to report that I got through black friday without acquiring a single new bag. I have very few plastic bags in the house to re-use, and none to throw out. It really took an effort at first, now it is 2nd nature. I think I've gotten my daughter in the habit too.

Here is group in England (morsbags) supporting the use of reusable cloth bags.

Do you want to make some of your own shopping bags to use up your fabric stash? Try some of these vintage patterns!

Simplicity 6912
This one would look great in vinyl or a durable canvas. You do not have to add the pom-poms unless you want.

This pattern shows you a interesting way to make a tote bag that looks like pants. I thought it would tell you how to cut off jeans or a skirt to make it into a purse. No, this pattern has you cut out the pattern and make the purse from scratch. They are nice and don't have you insert the zipper.

Last year, for my son's holiday fair, I created purses made from old jeans. They where based on instructions from Threadbangers. I was told they where not a hit. Not enough bling. I have a great messenger bag made out a chino pants. It holds all my cub scout items, and it looks great with my uniform.

This year I made purses out of Men's ties. I have been told there where a hit. I have not had luck selling them on etsy. I love working with the different colored ties, the problem is due to their shape the inside of the purse is larger then the flap.

Monday, December 15, 2008

7 Things I Would Never Tell My Father Meme

My Elana cousin (once removed) tagged me in this Meme.

1. I would never tell my Dad to organize himself.  People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.  I'm not as bad as my dad - but my house is definitely chaotic.

2. I would never tell my Dad to cook. I don't think he can do anything other then boil water for tea.  

3. I would never ask my Dad to write something.  His dyslexia is worse then mine.  I think he wrote me a postcard once in camp.  I could hardly read it.

4.  I would never like to have a major argument with my Dad.  He is stubborn!

5. I would never ask my Dad about a novel.  He can not read for pleasure.  He does enjoy many technical books and retains an incredible amount of information.

6.  I would never tell my Dad that he has too many puzzles.  He loves them all.

7. I would never ask my Dad to find something quickly.  It is somewhere, but where did he put it???

The tag: Do share 7 Things We Don't Know About You or...7 Things You Would Never Tell Your Mother/Father.

I tag: Mickey Coburn, childhood friends: Lucy Lee, Jamie Beaman and my Cousin Devs