Thursday, March 27, 2008

Anyone for Tea?

I will be hosting a 1950's tea party at Costume Con 26 in San Jose, CA and giving a talk about the history of sewing patterns.

This brings up the question - what do you wear to tea? I can't wear gloves, because I'm serving. I need an apron of course. You need nifty music and good cookies.

Vogue 9156 c. 1957

Hat, or no hat?

Anne Adams 4834

Vogue 9260c. 1957

Vogue Special Design 4565 c. 1955

Vogue 4004 c. 1959

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. Rogers!

In honor of Mr. Roger's 80th birthday - March 20th, 2008 is "sweater day". I grew up watching Mr. Rogers. I loved the shows music and the puppets. I was great "seeing" him on the cartoon Arthur. Wear your sweater proudly today! I will wear my zip up one today. So much for spring in New England :(

Happy Birthday my neighbor!

If you want to find any more information on the men's knitting books shown above, please check them out here.