Monday, December 15, 2008

7 Things I Would Never Tell My Father Meme

My Elana cousin (once removed) tagged me in this Meme.

1. I would never tell my Dad to organize himself.  People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.  I'm not as bad as my dad - but my house is definitely chaotic.

2. I would never tell my Dad to cook. I don't think he can do anything other then boil water for tea.  

3. I would never ask my Dad to write something.  His dyslexia is worse then mine.  I think he wrote me a postcard once in camp.  I could hardly read it.

4.  I would never like to have a major argument with my Dad.  He is stubborn!

5. I would never ask my Dad about a novel.  He can not read for pleasure.  He does enjoy many technical books and retains an incredible amount of information.

6.  I would never tell my Dad that he has too many puzzles.  He loves them all.

7. I would never ask my Dad to find something quickly.  It is somewhere, but where did he put it???

The tag: Do share 7 Things We Don't Know About You or...7 Things You Would Never Tell Your Mother/Father.

I tag: Mickey Coburn, childhood friends: Lucy Lee, Jamie Beaman and my Cousin Devs

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