Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress

In 1973 Diane Von Furstenberg introduced her wrap dress. She created some patterns of her designs for the Vogue pattern company around the same time.

Vogue 1548

Vogue 1549

Vogue 1610

Vogue 2517

The dresses where a big hit in the 70's died out in the 80s, and seem to be having a come back now. You can find these patterns: Vogue 1548 (the cow print), Vogue 1549 (the small red one), Vogue 1610 (the green one), Vogue 2517 (the 2 color one) on ebay. These patterns end up in a bidding war. I've run into Vogue 1549 few times. I've had it for sale on my companies website several times. My guess is that was the popular pattern in the 70s. It makes sense. If everyone went out and bought the pattern, you would have some of them left over in the sewing pattern collections, later on. I've seen these patterns sell for around $70 on ebay. If you are lucky, you might find it at a thrift store.

I have been looking in the clothing stores and these stretch knit dresses are all over the place. If you want a modern version of this dress, and don't want the original DVF pattern- try Kwik Sews 3408. You can also find similar patterns like these from the 70s. Here is an pattern from 1971. This is Simplicity 9799: a wrap dress for knit or woven fabric. This pattern was produced 2 years BEFORE the DVF wrap dress - you can see that wrap dresses where already in style, before she did her version of it.

The knit dresses we have in the stores today are our own spin on the similar fashion. Either take an original 70s pattern, or work with a new one that is out in the stores. Have fun with them now - make them your own!

Simplicity 9799

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Apron dresses - a dress, a jumper, an apron?

What is an apron dress? Simplicity and McCall's have taken a stab at this. Here is Simplicity's take on this dress. This is Simplicity 8869 from 1994.

Simplicity 8869

I happen to like the McCall's 1970s version of an apron dress. This is a freebie pattern that McCall's gave out in 1975. They use it as an apron, a jumper and a summer dress. It reminds me of the $200 + halter apron dress by Inhabit - though theirs doesn't wrap around, and I'm sure the Inhabit a stretch knit. My problem with all of these dress is, what do you do if you have the figure of a woman? How do any of these support you? Only the DKNY takes into account a cup size.

McCall's Sample B

Or maybe we should just keep the two ideas apart. Use the apron to cover us up and a dress to wear.

Please click on the images or links- they will take you to my website if, I have them for sale!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Jumpsuits and Rompers

I have been getting a bunch of requests for jumpsuit patterns. I talked to some of my customers to find out why they wanted these patterns. They are performers, people traveling, some who see it as an upcoming fashion. I looked at the big 4 sewing pattern companies online - sure enough, they have a few jumpsuit sewing patterns - but mostly for kids.

Butterick 6231, Butterick 6618

What are people seeing out there? With a quick search I found a few jumpsuits for sale at Nordstroms and Spiegel.

So.. if you want to sew a jumpsuit for spring or summer - you will probably have to use a vintage patterns, unless the big 4 can produce a few more options soon. I know that Butterick, Vogue, Simplicity and McCall's all have produced a variety of jumpsuit and romper patterns for adults. If they get enough requests for them, maybe they will start producing patterns for them again...